Welcome to the CYCLE Kids Family Hub

We are CYCLE Kids Inc., a non-profit organization that teaches children how to achieve physical health so they can build strength emotionally and succeed academically. We do this through an in-school bicycling and nutrition program for elementary students. Since 2004 our program has helped students become healthier and happier, through the simple and captivating skill of riding a bike. Now, we are expanding our focus to the whole family by providing you a virtual space where you can engage with us and each other on how to cultivate a healthy environment in your home and community.

Here at The Family Hub you'll find an open conversation about how to show up for the thing that matters most in your life: your family. Developed by health and wellness experts, this blog is designed to give you simple practical tools to develop a healthy lifestyle for you and your family. 

We know that when kids (and adults) take care of themselves physically by nourishing themselves with healthy, whole foods and participating in daily physical activity, they set themselves up to succeed emotionally, academically, and professionally. We've watched our CYCLE Kids increase their confidence, self-esteem, focus and productivity, and now we want to support you and your family in doing the same.  Start exploring here...